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About SquareTrade

  • Established in 1999, SquareTrade is the largest warranty provider on eBay. We are the ONLY warranty company consistently rated 5-stars by our customers.

Buyer Reviews


    "Fast, Friendly"
     "Fast, friendly staff are more than   eager to help you out. I recommend  this to everyone! "
      By Terry C, NexTag Review

    "So inexpensive "
      "Their warranties are so   inexpensive that it's certainly not   worth going without it. I won't buy electronics without their warranty."
      By Nanabtrfly, Epinions Review

      "Absolutely amazing service! I didn't know what SquareTrade was, and almost didn't accept it. I am a million times thankful I did. Couldn't be better."
      By Carol E, Epinions Review

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Seller Testimonials

  • "It was just so simple: Making more money with no additional work. The SquareTrade CarePlus Program is completely free, does all the work for you, and pays you thousands of dollars in profit every few months. Most importantly, my buyers totally love the warranty, which means repeat business for me! Thanks SquareTrade."
    By Bryan Corbett Owner, Consumersolutions

    “I have 2 eBay accounts and I made sure that both of them were set up with CarePlus to offer warranties. It’s a must have for any electronics sellers. It’s good for buyers and money for you.
    By Raffie Shashoian, electronics$

    “Sellers who are hesitant in joining should really ask sellers that are part of CarePlus for their feedback. Every CarePlus seller will tell you great things about it. It’s completely different and separate from their paid services. CarePlus is truly a special thing for electronics sellers.”
    By David Lam,

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